Your Life Begins Outside Your Comfort Zone

Your life begins outside your comfort zone.

We can’t keep hiding in our shells and waiting for people to do everything for us. We can’t wait for people to drag is out of our protective turtle shells and across the sandy beaches of life. When we are so sheltered from the world, sheltered from ourselves, we lack really living.
Our comfort zone may be exactly what it says; ‘comfortable’, but what makes us feel like this? What makes us feel like we can’t push ourselves beyond what we think are our limits?
As soon as you do something you think you can’t, as soon as you push yourself, as soon as you leave your little shell; you become an actual person. You can develop a personality, develop relationships, develop yourself in general. If we keep holding ourselves back we will never reach our full potential.
Push yourself.
Do something every day that scares you, overcome fears, realise your potential, love something, love someone, cry, laugh, get an idea of the world and make a change.
Leave your comfort zone so life can begin.



Just To Let You Know

Just to let you know, I am leaving for skiing on Friday so i won’t be posting for a week. (doubt that’s going to upset anybody) But i will probably write loads when I’m out there, i will post them all when I’m back! I have updated my photos&drawings, so if you’re bored, check them out (:


Ranting Like Whatever

Right. I’m not being funny, who left the bathroom window open in -3 AGAIN?! And who is the retard that unplugged the wireless rooter?
Jeeze. I need to learn to control my temper or at least have more patience. It’s not like today’s been bad at all, but little things are doing my head in.
For starters one of my friends was late this morning and blamed us for not waiting for her. How is that a plausible explanation? How can you be late because we didn’t wait for you? It just didn’t make sense. Skipping all the rubbish agitating bits that make me anxious and paranoid in my life-
I had a headache in French and one of my friends was humming Christmas songs very loudly. He had no idea how annoyed I could get.
Next my cold sore starts bleeding and it hurts very much. Then I came home for 2 seconds so that we could feed the dogs before I go to flute.
But the thing is my dogs went nuts and started jumping and scramming me. Then I find there is no milk for me to have cereal, the window is open, the internet’s down and I still have to go to flute. That’s right, I have a bleeding lip, a cold sore and I haven’t practiced… Woo. Also, my vent- theatre is canceled tonight. Another thing- mum just went “you better be wearing a full costume to the pool in austria.” . No. No I’m not because the only one I have that’s full is tiny and makes me looks like a fat 9 year old.
“I can’t believe you’re leaving it till last minute!”
I’m NOT! I have a whole TWO DAYS before I go and I’ve already packed! You are the one that wants to unpack everything and re-pack to ‘make sure it’s ok’!
All I want is to sleep and eat chocolate cake.
I can’t.


Patience- A Virtue Until You Need Something, Fast

It has never been easy to be patient, but it’s probably harder now than at any time in history. In a world where messages and information can be sent across the world instantly, everything is available with only a few clicks of the mouse.

I have the least patience in the world. I am by far the most impatient of my friends and it isn’t getting any better. I could never be a teacher because my patience lacks so much it’s unbelievable. I’m constantly wanting to do things fast for no apparent reason or I like doing things all at once- I can’t even brush my teeth without doing another 2 other things at the same time! I need to be more patient before I rip someone’s head off…
I’ve researched some tips… –

Figure Out What Makes You Impatient

1-Try to figure out why you are in such a hurry.
We tend to lose our patience when we’re multitasking or when we’re on a tight schedule, expecting the day to pass within (what it seems like…) only a few short minutes of busyness and chaos. If you’re stretching yourself too thin, you should reconsider your to-do list before you attempt to change your natural reaction to an overwhelming situation. Try to spread out your tasks so that you’re doing only one thing at a time, without leaving yourself twiddling your thumbs in eagerness of something to busy yourself with. Delegate responsibilities to others if you can; this in itself may be a test of your patience, but you have to learn to share the load.

2- Pinpoint the triggers that often influence you to lose your patience.
Impatience creeps in insidiously, and if you feel anxious, worried, or unhappy you may not even realize that the underlying cause of these feelings is impatience. To reduce the frequency of impatience, it helps to be aware of it. Which events, people, phrases or circumstances always seem to influence you lose your cool? Sit down and make a list of all the things which cause you anxiety, tension, or frustration. At the core of most triggers is a reality that we have a hard time accepting. What are those realities for you?

3-Look for patterns. Being aware of your impatience also gives you a chance to learn from it and perhaps uncover a relationship or circumstance that is simply not healthy or constructive, and that you may have the power to change. Figure that out, and you can then think logically about the problem issue and decide whether or not your impatience is warranted or helpful. It usually isn’t, but when it is you can then figure out ways to fix the root problem rather than simply feeling stressed about it.

Write it Down

1-Keep a journal. For one to two weeks, whenever you get that rushed feeling and the sense of impatience, write down whatever it is that feeling is associated with (Example: July 1 – astronomy class). Make sure that you take notes consistently and consecutively each time the feeling occurs. You will notice that you are more aware of (and subsequently more prepared for) the feeling of impatience. You will also be able to observe the sense of impatience objectively and which events give rise to it. You may come to the conclusion that circumstances surrounding the feeling are not causing you angst – the feeling itself is. In these ways, you will be able to better control impatience when it besets you.

Overcoming Impatience

1-Overcome bouts of impatience. In the long run, developing patience requires a change in your attitude about life, but you can immediately make progress by learning to relax whenever you feel impatient. Take a few deep breaths and just try to clear your mind. Concentrate on breathing and you’ll be able to get your bearings.

2-Let go if you can’t do anything about the impatience trigger. If there isn’t anything that you can do to resolve whatever has triggered your impatience, just let it go. Easier said than done, yes, but it’s possible, and it’s the only healthy thing to do. Initially, you will probably find it difficult to let go if the matter is important to you – waiting to hear back after a job interview, for instance – but you should be able to alleviate impatience that’s caused by issues of less consequence (i.e. waiting in line at the grocery store). If you make a concerted effort to be more patient in relatively inconsequential, short-term situations, you’ll gradually develop the strength to remain patient in even the most trying and enduring situations.

See the Big Picture

1-Remind yourself that things take time. People who are impatient are people who insist on getting things done now and don’t like to waste time. However, some things just can’t be rushed. Think about your happiest memories. Chances are, they were instances when your patience paid off, like when you worked steadily toward a goal that wasn’t immediately gratifying, or took a little extra time to spend leisurely with a loved one. Would you have those memories if you had been impatient? Probably not. Almost anything really good in life takes time and dedication, and if you’re impatient, you’re more likely to give up on relationships, goals, and other things that are important to you. Good things may not always come to those who wait, but most good things that do come don’t come right away.

2-Remember what matters. Not focusing on what matters most in this life fuels impatience. Move the world toward peace by being kind, generous in forgiveness of others, being grateful for what is, and taking full advantage of what matters most. When other less important things fuel our impatience, taking time to remember any one of these items reduces our tendency to want something different right now.

3-Always remember that you will eventually get what you want. (This requires maturity and patience to understand and accept!) If you work hard at something, this may be the truth, but most of the time you have to be patient to get what you want. For others, this may come as easy, but the only thing that matters is that you know how to occupy yourself, even in the dead of times. Just remember, patience is a mental skill that you will never forget, so cherish patience as a major step for you in life. Impatience is something not to be proud of, but something that you should attempt to train yourself out of, before it is something that overthrows your life.

4-Always have a positive outlook in life. Being always positive is very imperative as possessing a sense of patience. Remember that life is not a race, but a journey to be savored each step of the way.

Step Back

1-Expect the unexpected. Yes, you have plans, but things don’t always work out as planned. Accept the twist and turns in life gracefully. Keep your expectations realistic. This applies not only to circumstances, but also the behavior of those around you. If you find yourself blowing up over your child or your spouse accidentally spilling a drink, you’re not in touch with the fact that people aren’t perfect. Even if the occasion is not an isolated incident but is instead caused by their repeated neglect and carelessness, losing your patience isn’t going to make it any better. That’s something to be addressed with discussion and self-control.

2-Give yourself a break. The meaning of this is twofold. First, take a few minutes to do absolutely nothing. Just sit quietly and think. Don’t watch television; don’t even read. Do nothing. It may be hard at first, and you may even feel impatient after a minute or two, but by taking some time out you can essentially slow your world down, and that’s important to develop the attitude necessary to develop patience. Second, stop holding yourself and the world around you to unreachable standards. Sure, we’d all be more patient if babies didn’t cry, dishes didn’t break, computers didn’t crash, and people didn’t make mistakes – but that’s never going to happen. Expecting the world to run smoothly is like beating your head against the wall. Give yourself a break!


10 Facts Everybody Gets Wrong

How many times has it happened that you know you’re right but nobody believes you? You know you can prove it, but you’re getting embarrassed and stumbling over your words.

Well, your day is finally here. Let out a deep sigh of relief, because now the world will finally see that you’ve been right all along. Here are 10 facts you know are correct that everybody else has wrong, from Reddit.

Tae Kwon Do is only around 60 years old

There is a lot of misinformation because Korea wants the world to believe TKD is an ancient art. Some people think I’m saying tae kwon do isn’t based on older martial arts. That’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying tae kwon do is NOT based on taekkyon or other so called “ancient” arts from Korea and is fact based on karate and a little chuan fa. I lay this all out in great detail in my thesis.
– Fett2

A Car Is Safe In A Lightning Storm

A car is safe during a lightning storm because the metal frame will conduct the electricity around you. The tires have nothing to do with it.
– keyes777

Cracking Your Knuckles Won’t Give You Arthritis

I know that cracking your knuckles does nothing detrimental to the joints, but everyone tells me I am going to get arthritis. Can someone provide reliable sources that demonstrate how cracking knuckles reduces grip strength?
– Spiderdan

There’s a doctor who cracked the knuckles on one hand but not the other for 60 years, earning him an Ig Nobel prize (he did it to prove his mother wrong).
– cheerfulstoic
We don’t only use 10% of our brain

I don’t know if anyone really believes this, but since it was like the crux of that Bradley Cooper movie, we don’t only use 10% of our brain.
– polarlicht

Skunked beer doesn’t really exist

Unless taken to extremes (like almost freezing), allowing beer to go from room temp to refrigerator temp to room temp will not cause it to skunk, spoil or otherwise go bad. Beer goes through somewhere between three to five temperature swings between the time it’s brewed and the time it arrives in the beer cooler at your local store. If moderate temperature swings had any effect, the beer would all be ruined before the store even received it.
– hopstar

Fans Can’t Kill You

Well, I live in Korea, but literally every Korean I have ever had this conversation with believes that fans can kill people under the right circumstances. It’s not a once or twice thing; it has been probably 30/30 people, with one girl admitting that she wasn’t 100% sure. It blows my mind.
– rumple_skillskin

Hold Your Head Forward When You Have A Nosebleed

To hold your head backward when you are having a nosebleed. Tilt it forward, my friends, and hold just above the bridge of your nose.
– ACHollywood

EMT here. Absolutely true. My parents knew about this when I was younger and always had me tilt my head forward. Made things confusing when the school nurse said to do the opposite.

EDIT: I didn’t see the part about holding above the bridge of your nose. If ACHollywood is referring to the hard tissue at the top (the part that is resistant to bending), I don’t know how effective that is. I always held my nose along the compressible inferior part.
– xfargox
Belly Dancing Is Not A Dance Of Seduction

Belly dance was not a dance of seduction, and wasn’t done by harem girls for the sultan. It’s a community folk dance with a rich and long history, done by both men and women during family celebrations and gatherings. The two-piece costume was invented by early Hollywood and adopted by Egyptian dancers in nightclubs to cater to Western tourists. The term belly dance was invented at the 1893 World’s Fair by Sol Bloom because it sounded salacious, would attract scandalized Victorian patrons and sell a boatload of tickets.
– Delirious5

Toilets don’t flush clockwise vs. counterclockwise as a result of being on one side of the equator or another

This fact is so engrained into our public consciousness that even shows like The Simpsons get it spectacularly wrong, and we’ve almost all had teachers cite this in class while explaining the Coriolis effect. The thing is, it’s balderdash. To get a sink or toilet to drain in different directions is much more a matter of drain shape, the motion of the water when the container was filled and so on. You literally need to leave a big reservoir of water sitting for days to be able to get it to behave in a manner that’s observably changed by Coriolis forces, and that’s after protecting it from wind, sun, vibration, etc, and using a special drain and tub.
– Chairboy

Diamonds can be shattered with a hammer

There is a difference between how tough something is and how hard it is.
– halfblood_stud

Diamond Swords vs. Metal Swords
So as I’m assuming iron and steel are much tougher than diamond, would it be correct to say a sword made of diamond would be useless when clashing with a standard metal sword? This myth seems greatly perpetuated by many video games in which diamond weapons and armor are among the highest class.
– IkananXIII

Not as useless. The force between the two has to overcome the peak stress of the diamond sword. The metal sword would bend and the diamond sword shatter like glass.


Valentine’s Day For Loners

Valentine’s Day.

Is it a day filled with warmth and love for that special someone? Or is it simply  “Singles’ Awareness Day”?

Yes, it’s that time of year again. As you stroll down the aisles of your local store, you roll your eyes at all the heart-shaped chocolates and giant stuffed animals that glare at your single self.  It’s bad enough that you have to help your best friend figure out what to get their boyfriend/girlfriend, but now you have stores shoving your single-ness in your face! You may feel like throwing yourself a pity-party on Valentine’s Day, but I think everyone would enjoy the day more if they were happy rather than sitting in a corner eating Ben& Jerry’s on their own. Here are some ways to help ease the pain of spending the holiday solo and turn it around into something, dare I say, fun?

Be your own Valentine. It sounds horrendously corny, but if Valentine’s Day is supposed to be the day we let people know how much we love them, why not love yourself today? Buy yourself some pretty flowers or tickets to that concert you’ve been wanting to go to. Find some way to treat yourself special today to remind yourself how much you love you. One of the great things about not having a Valentine is that you don’t have to go out and spend money. Instead of opting for those flowers or tickets, why not spend the day doing something you love like reading, drawing or whatever it is that makes you happy.

Round up your other single friends. While your friends with significant others are out with their other half, round-up your single friends for a fun night. Just because you are single doesn’t mean you have to spend the day or night alone!

Cards– It may seem a little “Primary School”, but go all out with Valentine cards this year. There are really cute friendship and family cards- and it’s never the wrong time to spread a little love around to those who you care about. Feeling adventurous? Design some of your own cards. Whip out your arts and crafts box and make personalized cards for those who make you smile during this time of the year.

Bake- There’s no better time than now to practice your baking skills while also gaining a leg up in some of your relationships. Try out a new cookie recipe and throw in some heart shapes and red food coloring to stick with the season. It’s fun to do and it makes for a good ‘just because’ present.

Smile! (: Love Anna

Smile! Love from Anna 😉

Phrases That Don’t Make Sense

“As easy as taking candy from a baby.”

Have you ever tried to take anything from a baby? They scream the place down!

“It’s a dog eat dog world”.

As far as I know – dogs don’t eat each other. They fight, but have you ever seen a dog eat another dog’s caracas?

“Slept like a baby”

Aren’t babies known for not sleeping through the night?

“you’re the bee’s knees”

I’m the what? I’m pretty sure bees don’t have knees? And I’m more sure that I’m not them anyway?
(I’m not sure that sentence made sense, sorry)

I’m sorry, but I have to say this one. It’s probably because I’m welsh and my use of the English language is appalling but –

“Now, in a minute/bit.”

I just said this one as I was writing this. I say it all the time. I just said “I’ll go to bed now in a bit.” it made no sense whatsoever! I say stuff that doesn’t make sense all the time but, yea…

Another one I use loads, no lie-

“where you too (by)?”

I can’t believe that I even comprehend this sentence in my head, but it pops out of my mouth all the time. It’s meant to mean ‘where are you (now)”, but does it honestly make sense to anyone who’s not welsh that’s reading this?!
I’m sorry, but I have to draw the line somewhere!


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