My Least Favourite Question

My least favorite question is “are you okay?”.

It’s not because it feels like they’re obligating me to say, “Fine, thank you?”; but rather, the fact that I’ve never been okay with returning the question. I never was a fan of asking things that I really don’t care to have the answer to. I know that sounds rather rude and a bit callous, but I don’t think it’s entirely unfair of me to not really place much effort in caring about other people’s problems—especially with as much as they truly care about my feelings.
But even when people say it with meaning,It hurts. When you have that lump in your throat that sits there, waiting for you to bring it up and cry. So you try to push the lump down and smile ;all until someone asks you that question and you just explode with emotion. it’s hard. It’s hard to smile when you don’t think you ever can.
I mean, let’s face it, when someone asks that question…are they really asking for a synopsis on my day? No. They’re not.

So I’m left with the dilemma of how to answer.

“I don’t know yet,” I grunt and wait for the awkward reaction. They weren’t expecting that…


My photography (:


Stomach-occupying Violent Butterflies

I love that feeling. I hate that feeling. Gahh, it makes me want to explode! … But with happiness.

To feel butterflies in my stomach is amazing, but so terrible at the same time. It’s hard to describe, but nearly everyone has felt it.
My butterflies are vicious, ferocious creatures, and whenever I have butterflies I go into a dream mode where I seem to be able to say what is on my mind and I just go straight with my intuition- no second thoughts. I like that. I like it when I get such butterflies that I forget that everything is real or that anything matters. Most of the time it turns out very well; so it’s good. When it doesn’t- life goes on, and you can just wait until the next set of butterflies to set off this dream affect; so you can say what you want for once and not feel a thing.


Time You Enjoy Wasting Is Not Time Wasted!

“Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted.”
John Lennon
I love this quote. It’s pure brilliance. You did not waste your time if you enjoyed yourself! I just spent over an hour watching vlogs on YouTube (I’m thinking of starting one) but I thoroughly enjoyed watching them! They made me laugh and I even learnt a few good and maybe useful things.
Ever heard of the show Pointless? Well, me and my brother really want to go on there, but I’m too young. *sadface* we watch it all the time and nearly always get the answers right and it’s all down to ‘useless’ facts and ‘wasted’  time we have spent learning weird songs e.g 50 states song, chemical elements song etc….  So when we win money, we can laugh in the ‘wasted’ time’s face! Also, is an amazing website to alleviate the burden of time and you can learn so much!
So don’t sit there by yourself feeling sorry for the world doing nothing but breathing and taking in precious oxygen; DO SOMETHING! enjoy your time while you still have it (:

Why Ghosts Don’t Exist

I did this for my English debate in class, sooooo… yea… I thought I would be nice and share it with anyone who is also doing this topic (: So i will generously give this to you and post some things that you will hopefully care about ASAP!-


This house is against the motion “ghosts exist”. To open, we will quote “there are no haunted places; just haunted people.” This quote suggests that ghosts are in a person’s imagination; not in a certain ‘haunted’ place. There is no evidence to prove that these nocturnal stereotypical spirits exist. These ghost that supposedly possess ‘magical powers’ and seem to avoid large crowds seem to never be captured on programmes like ‘ghost hunter’ and ‘most haunted’. And surely, clothes don’t follow spirits to the afterlife? Do any of you have any solid evidence that ghosts exist? People commonly say that they’ve seen a ghost or have had a ghostly experience, but evidence do they have to prove this? (Pause) Nothing. All they have is a load of photo-shopped photos and proven hoaxes to attempt to back up their argument. So if the all look the same, act the same, surely, this is just a seed that countless horror films and ghost stories has embedded in our imagination?

We quoted that there are no haunted places only haunted people and we stated that it is your imagination.

For example if you go to a dark house that is said to be haunted you tell yourself to be on alert and your senses pick up on small things that usually wouldn’t bother you during the day.. Your mind also imagines some of these senses because you have alerted yourself to certain things so much.


Ever felt like someone’s watching you? Or had an inexplicable feeling of fear or terror? This could be due to infrasound. Infrasound is a sound lower than 20 hertz, which is below the lower limit of human audibility. You can’t consciously hear the sound but your ears can still sense it. The fact your conscious mind can’t understand where these sensory inputs are coming from completely messes with your emotions causing your body to create the feeling of fear, dread or panic.


This would then also say why ghosts are so stereotypical, you imagine what you think a ghost is and that is the outcome of what you think you have found.


A believer might say, “Well don’t be silly, there are so few ghosts because only people become ghosts, because only people have spirits!” I don’t buy this argument because the arguers contradict themselves with stories of ghost men with spectral dogs and even of inanimate objects that appear as apparitions; entire doors and windows, even events that play out as “ghosts”. Does a gunshot have a spirit? Does a horrible fire have a spirit? If so, shouldn’t be haunted by all of the ‘dead’ furniture as well? We clearly aren’t.

Ghosts come in one form – that just happens to be human – who is conveniently what we bipedal-chimps want to see, and not say a dead cow hovering at the end of one’s bed. Have you ever heard of the legend of oceans being haunted by ghostly plankton?

-why don’t we see ghosts of other less popular animals, we see ghosts of cats, dogs, cows even but why not elephants? Lions? dinosaurs even… imagine waking up to a T.Rex staring back at you from beyond the grave   what about spiders and flies, we should have hundreds of flies haunting us, i must have killed about 300 flys in my life, this year alone probably about 20 or 30… Ants i have probably killed about 10,000 ants this year! in my life probably over 100,000 why aren’t i haunted by 100,000,000 ants?



Why do ghosts always appear stereotypically in clothing we think of in a certain period of history, Victorian ghosts are almost always wearing old style coats and hats… not everyone was wearing a hat back in the Victorian era, another fact why are ghosts always wearing clothes anyway? What are clothes, manmade material that grips onto us, why isn’t a ghost attached to a house or the planet when it dies? Why don’t we see ghosts dragging houses around down a street? what is the definition of what a ghost can carry when it dies, if your touching the floor surely the house you’re in would become “part” of your spirit and fly with you, I can see it now large mansions flying in the sky attached to some poor souls foot…


But why? What’s the point of coming back to report on a murder that happened about 200 years ago? The god damn murderer by this time is dead along with these children and their children… you serve no purpose at all!


Newton’s laws of motion state that ‘for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction’. If ghosts walk then they must be applying a force to the ground and the ground must be applying an equal force on the ghost. This means that ghosts must be made of matter and not energy, as pure energy would not be able to stay on the floor without passing through it.


Also sticking to the theory that ghosts are made of energy how can we explain the myth that when ghosts enter a room the temperature suddenly drops? When a hot object is put next to a cold one, in order for the hot object to cool down, heat energy flows from it and into the cold one. This would work if ghosts were made of matter as they would be able to absorb the heat energy of the room and reduce the temperature, but as they are supposedly made of energy the typical belief that ghostly presences cause sudden chills is false.


We mentioned before how nobody ever captures a picture of a ghost and that there are so many programmes available to edit photos and video. Live TV can even be edited as well by having a small delay.


To conclude, we believe that ghosts DO NOT exist. We have backed up are arguments with many cases and have proved that ghosts are in our imagination. The fact that they are purely based by a seed that countless horror films and ghost stories has embedded in our minds, just sums up what we are proving;




Thank you for listening. J

Times When You Don’t Want To Be Happy

You know those days where you just don’t want to be happy? Well, I’ve had one of those days. It’s a day where I pretend to be happy to my friends and on the inside I want to cry, sleep and eat, but I have to face the day. Now I’m back at home, sitting in my pyjamas against the radiator on my bedroom floor listening to music and feeling sorry or myself for no apparent reason.
I don’t know why.
It’s not like I’ve had a particularly bad day or anything like that. I just want to make myself feel bad by sitting on my floor listening to sad music, writing and drawing random things that no one will care for and eating. But I don’t like feeling sorry for myself.
But it’s one of those times. It’s a time that even when I look in ‘the box of happiness’ I made -(malteaser box that now occupies photos from happy events and has 20 things to do that make me happy on it. It’s hidden in a folder on top of my wardrobe)- I don’t want to feel happy. I don’t want to eat chocolate or feel sorry for myself either. I don’t know what I want to do. I think being by myself makes me self destructive and makes me hate myself, yet being with other people whilst I’m in this mood makes them angry and me even angrier than before. It’s one of those times when I don’t even want to look at happiness because it’s so depressing…

Here’s a picture of my very basic sad space- (:

I Know Exactly What To Say-Until I Have To Say It

So you’re stuck in the situation where the only thing that’s going to happen is the thing your are avoiding completely. It’s inevitable it’s going to happen, yet you try to avoid for as long as possible. It doesn’t make it any better when you avoid it…
You’ve practiced your speech 100 times over and over in the mirror, with your friends, even saying it to your dog, yet, it won’t turn out the way you’ve planned it.
Your planned every word and detail for every scenario possible, but then the moment comes…and you miss it.
What do you do now?
You randomly blurt it out when it feels right. You’ve had the whole speech reversed to a T but you just say what you feel at that moment, then spend the rest of the day wondering why you didn’t say the certain point you wanted to say.
Plans never seem to work.
I always go off track…


There’s No Gravity For Us To Crash

We’ll drift through the stars,
Forget all our sorrow,
the moon will still be there tomorrow.
Finding the stardust through the milky way,
The Pathway unclear,
But we’re not afraid.

Let me float,
If there is no atmosphere,
Let me go,
So we can fly out of here,
I cannot go on living in this void,
If you’re paralysed by fear,
You’re heart is still beating,
Mine is hollow now,
I’m unclear.

Shooting for the moon,
But landing amongst stars,
Shadows changing in the moonbeams,
But they’re still ours.
I can’t forget memories,
Or forget the days that pass,
For there is no gravity;
for us to crash.


FINALLY! A photo I am actually IN! From about 4 years ago :L

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