Learn to let things go… Really?

“learn to let things we cannot control go”- this is a stupid. We can’t control everything. Something’s we need to take matters out of our hands and pass it to others. We cannot control everything. We have to learn to trust people other than ourselves, even if we know that that trust will be broken sometimes. But nothing is perfect. There always has to be a brake, a fragile snap like silence, somewhere within something. If I let everything I cannot control go, my world would be empty and life wouldn’t of been worth living.
Love is a fire. But whether it is going to warm your heart or burn down your house, you never can tell. These are the risks we have to take in life. One thing we can control is our attitude towards life. So smile- it looks good on you 😉
Remember for life



When I was five I remember sitting in bed and every single atom in my body was ecstatic for my 6th birthday. Just as I clambered into bed in my barbie pyjamas there was a knock on my bedroom door.
“come in.” I chimed in my miniature voice. There was no need to say this as my bedroom door was always open and I could see my sister Rhianne standing at the doorway.
“just think, this us your last day of being five. Tomorrow you will me six. How exiting, huh?!”
These thoughts processed their way through my tiny skull and popped out with the only few words that registered.
“last day ever of being five? I will never be five again?” I wailed with my eyes tearing up. I could see my sister was panicking, she must of not thought through what a complicated child I was.
The tears began pouring out of my eyes like avalanches, my poor sister sitting in disbelief that such a small and happy statement could turn into a disastrous outcome.
Now I sit in my bed 8 years later and I don’t feel sadness and distress. I feel perfectly fine and capable of turning a new chapter in my life and continuing growing gradually over, year by year. I will probably feel this way until I have wrinkles and bags under my eyes with a picture of distress on my face, begging to be young again. But until that day comes I will enjoy it as it comes, each birthday after the next.