Fun Sayings To Learn In Italian (:

About a month ago I decided I would try and learn Italian a bit better… It ended up in me looking up how to say some things I find quite funny and not too rude either, in Italian. So here is my summer’s masterpiece!


Good to learn for fun :L


Allontanarsi- go away-ALON-TARN-ARSE-EE

torna al tuo buco- go back to your hole- TORNA-A-TOO-O-BOO-CO

chiudere-shut up   -QUE-DEH-HEH

lasciami in pace- leave me alone- LA-SHAM-EEN-EPARCH-E

Bella Italia!

Bella Italia!



Paying Tribute-late, but It’s better than nothing

As i live close to where the mining insident took place over two weeks ago-Gleision drift mine at Cilybebyll- I have decided I would post a poem I wrote for English for them,


I watch them as they stand together,

Each supporting one another.

They hold like a strong brick wall,

Unlike the crumbling shaft,

They each pay their respects for their lover, father or brother.

Some didn’t even love them dearly,

Only colleagues or passer’s by,

I watch my mother cry with her head in her hands,

she breaks down because she knows that nobody understands.

The pain that swells in my chest grips my hear in vain,

For I know it doesn’t matter how long I wait,

He won’t be coming home again.

They said he would be safe,

But I bet they didn’t think.

That when the water tackled down the walls,

The caliginous death-trap would sink.

It disappeared without a sound, a warning, a crash, or a boom,

It sealed it’s self over,

Trapping the men for their doom.

I remember sitting there,

The hope that filled the room.

It wasn’t enough to save them,

For they were just consumed.

They were eaten by the monster,

Engulfed by death itself.

I swooped them up and carried them away,

Displayed them like trophies on its shelf.

I still sat in my room that day,

After my life had been teared apart.

I was disconnected from the world,

In my mind and my heart.

For I sat and waited to hear the door to swing and close,

Reveal my loving father who would stand there and know,

That his little girl will run to him with her arms as wide as the moon,

Give him a colossal hug and whisper slowly “daddy, I love you.”

But now I stand here with all these people and I still feel all alone.

My candle flickers in the darkness,

For it can hear the valley groan.

It pays its respects as I stand here with grief,

Though overwhelmed by my growing apathy,

Looking past all the people to the pictures in disbelief,

That one of them is my father,

He is gone, but I know.

He remains in my memories,

Though I don’t know how it could be,

That a soul so sweet could be lost so easily…

Mining tragedy, Cilybebyll